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Japanese Audio Lessons

Note on these lesson: These lessons move really fast. Don't be afraid to pause them, repeat them, etc.

Lesson 1: Direct objects, te and de verbs, kudasai, desu, arimasen, particles, and pronouns.

Lesson 2: More te and de verbs, particles, shimasu, negative i and na adjectives, ikimasu, imasu.

Lesson 3: The shoo ending, kurai, gurai, goro, particles, de iru, transitive/intransitive verms, kakaru.

Lesson 4: U verbs, ru verbs, ku form of i adjectives, hoo ga ii, de and ni, active/inactive verbs, suki, adjective adverbs.

Download more lessons from JapaneseAudioLessons.com an incredible resource for learning Japanese!

Writing Practice

Worksheet 1: A worksheet for practicing Hiragana.

Worksheet 2: A worksheet for basic "desu." It is a worksheet desu!

Survival Japanese (requires knowing Hiragana)

Practice Hiragana and Katakana on RealKana.

Video Series'

Japanese in 5 lets you practice 5 minutes a day with some intermediate Japanese.

Video Tutorial Series: Lesson 1, Lesson 2, Lesson 3

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