About Live Entertainment

AnimeCon.Org conventions are unlike any other conventions in the world for so many reasons – and one of those reasons is our Live Entertainment Department. Unique to AnimeCon.Org events, our hard-working and enthusiastic Live Entertainment staff members have dedicated themselves to providing quality entertainment throughout our weekends. Attending our conventions, you’ll see them on stage, of course – from Opening Ceremonies, to The Fabulous Date Auction, to Whose Line is it, Anime?, and more – but you’ll also see them running a wide variety of “Let’s Talk” interest panels, game panels, and panels to teach you the ins and outs of cosplay!

Ideas for panels you’d like to see? Comments, questions, or concerns? Contact the department at liveentertainmentdepartment@gmail.com – they would be happy to hear from you!

“Live Entertainment” is the name of one of our entertainment departments. Our conventions actually have all kinds of entertainment and live performances throughout the events, including some incredible concerts, live DJ shows, hilarious comedy, and much more.

Live Entertainment Events

The Fabulous Date Auction

AnimeCon.Org’s Fabulous Date Auction is a long-running Main Event for our conventions. Originally created by our Vice President, Erica Wise, and now hosted by our Live Entertainment department, the Fabulous Date Auction provides our attendees with opportunities to make new friends, while donating to good causes, in the process. Participants who sign up will have 30 minutes of their convention time auctioned off to the highest bidder – and a portion of the proceeds raised at each Date Auction is donated to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

Yes, the Date Auction takes cash and card!

No, it does not accept rupees, gil, sovereigns, or Olive Garden gift cards.
Please, feel free to email liveentertainmentdepartment@gmail.com with any questions, comments, or concerns about the Fabulous Date Auction!

Whose Line is it, Anime?

Another long-time event! True improv just like its namesake, Whose Line is it Anime? is jam-packed with nerd-related silliness, shenanigans, and surprises that you most definitely won’t want to miss! Our Live Entertainment Department is always eager to accept new writers, for this event – interested parties are more than welcome to email liveentertainmentdepartment@gmail.com for more information!

The Alive and Entertaining

Department Head: Lane O’Brien

The incredibly fearfilled leader of our Live Entertainment Department. Known by most as “Link,” Lane has been involved in our main events as an L.E. staff member for more than 5 years, and an attendee of conventions for even longer. With a background in theater and a wide array of cosplays, he is well-equipped to handle our on-stage events, and works tirelessly to ensure that AnimeCon.Org is providing the best possible show for our attendees!

Favorite Main Event: Whose Line is it, Anime?
Favorite Panel: A Link to the Panel
Known for: Strange Screeching, dressing like a couch.

Assistant Department Head: Tristan Sites

Tristan started working as a member of our Live Entertainment staff in 2016, and has been working hard ever since to help make sure that AnimeCon.Org’s performances stand out as the best. He has been cosplaying since 2011, from Vocaloid to Detroit: Become Human, and he can typically be spotted in Main Events and Let’s Talk! Panels.

Favorite Main Event: Whose Line is it, Anime?
Favorite Panel: Let’s Talk Comics!
Known for: Offended gasping, accidentally cosplaying a wide array of blonds

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