Chicago Anime Convention

Cosplayers at Anime Midwest 2012

We proudly organize Anime Midwest, the second anime convention to come to Chicago. Anime Midwest brings together several thousand fans each year for a celebration of Japanese arts, culture, and entertainment. Fans dress up in costumes, participate in tons of events, and have fun. The convention features almost a dozen guests and 100+ events every year, ranging from our formal ball to our masquerade.

We work hard to make our Chicago anime convention one of the most fun events in the entire midwest, by combining awesome special guests with some spectacular events.

You can also join us for our annual Chicago convention called Con Alt Delete, which is usually held in December. C+A+D is a general cosplay, video games, and anime convention meant to bring congoers a fun weekend in a cold month.

What can anime fans in Chicago expect?

By attending one of our incredible anime events held annually in Chicago, you can experience the love and joy of the anime fandom! We put on some of the most amazing conventions in the world, and the people attending are so passionate about anime and games that well over 50% of our attendees on average will cosplay throughout the weekend. These conventions give you the opportunity to shop from some dozens, even hundreds, of different exhibitors selling all kinds of anime swag. Many people come to the convention just to shop in the dealers room or artist alley for hours.

What should first-time attendees do?

We recommend first time attendees check out our guide for first time con attendees to get some tips about what to expect during the convention. One tip is to bring plenty of money to buy merchandise, and another tip is to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated during the convention.

Guests in Chicago

Voice actors and music events in Chicago

You can meet special guests at the conventions we hold annually in Chicago. We have incredible concerts that Chicago fans will love with great musicians. We also invite voice actors from the anime and video game industries.

We also work on getting guests from Japan from time-to-time. In the past we have had musicians like musical duo FEMM (Avex Music) and anime directors like Shinichi Watanabe (Excel Saga, Puni Puni Poemy). You can often meet some people who did the original work in anime at these epic events. is an organization dedicated to bringing fun and geek fandom to the world.