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Staff Departments

Important! Many departments are more selective than others, and if you pick entirely selective departments, you may not get any of your choices. Also, in some cases departments may be fuller than others, so we may assign you to a department that has a greater need than any of those you requested.

Registration is given the responsibility of ensuring that attendees are quickly ushered through the registration lines to get into the convention. Registration finds pre-registered people in our database, and then gives them their convention badge, or accepts and enters the information from at-con registrations. People in registration should be friendly, outgoing, and provide excellent customer service even in stressful situations.

The safety department is charged with keeping order and fun among the convention (note we didn't say tranquility). Safety people help monitor convention areas, and keep people from being too crazy (why are you dancing on that table, do you know you could get hurt?). Safety members must provide excellent customer service skills at all times, even in the most stressful situations that could be imagined, while keeping a vigilant eye on the convention to keep everyone safe and free from danger or harassment.

The Operations department helps with the critical task of at-con communication on our radio network, while answering questions from staff and attendees. Operations staff have to be quick-on-their-feet, and able to keep calm in fast-paced scenarios, such as responding to an emergency. Operations checks in with other departments via radio regularly to ensure things are going smoothly, and they help by coordinating inter-department coordination.

The guest department is charged with keeping guests happy at the con. You are needed to show them around the convention and help them find their panel sessions, bring them water, etc. If you can't drive, that's fine, but if you are willing we also have spots for people to pick our guests up at the airport on-time, take them to restaurants, and ensure that they have water and markers during autograph sessions. This fast-paced, high-stress environment requires good people skills from people who will not ogle our guests.

The badger department is the department that tries to find and assign badgers at the con. Other departments will make requests for help at certain times, and the badger department will triage the available people to the places they are need most, often with the help and advice of Operations.

The tech department is highly critical on Thursday for setting up convention stuff, and throughout the weekend for setting up projectors, screens, and other equipment during the con, and helping make sure things work during big events like the Cosplay Contest or Rave Dances.

In charge of the Grand cosplay contest, and possibly other events during the weekend. Cosplay staff is tasked with helping people signup for the cosplay contest, and helping direct them during the big event.

The programming department's goal is make sure that panels and programs run on time. Sometimes you'll very nicely (we're serious about being nice) let a panelist know that their time running into another panel. Or you could figure out why a panelist has gone missing, and put up signs announcing last-minute changes.

Keeping people fed with rice and soda and ramen is the most appreciated job of the convention, as attendees will love you. The ConSweet cooks rice, prepares hot water for ramen, and keeps the ConSweet as clean as possible, while providing excellent and friendly customer service.

Dealers & Artists
On Thursday you help vendors find their spaces and make sure that the hotel has appropriately placed them all. You'll answer questions, check-in vendors, and make sure vendors aren't using more space than they paid for. You may *not* help vendors load in their equipment, as they are required to have their own staff for that. During the convention, you should check-in with each vendor every two hours, and sometimes bring them water or drinks from the ConSweet if that's allowed.

Video Room
You keep the videos running in the video room on time, and help keep the video room clean.

Video Gaming
You watch the room to ensure that equipment and controllers are not broken and that nothing goes missing, while sometimes helping people change games on consoles to what they would like to play.

Your job is to help watch the Green Room / Staff Sweet so that only staff can enter, and so that it stays clean during open hours. You'll also at times be in charge of coordinating food orders such as pizza.

Special Programs
Special programs are given checklists of things to do at the convention, such as checking in members of the press to assisting other departments.

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