About Us

From the moment you step foot in an AnimeCon.org convention, you can feel the love and dedication of the devoted staff who bring it to life. These events are more than just a gathering of like-minded individuals; they're a celebration of everything that makes anime so special. With a singular focus on fun, each convention is carefully crafted with attendees in mind.

Here, you can connect with others who share your passions, make new friends, and experience things you never thought possible. The team at AnimeCon.org goes above and beyond to bring you an unforgettable experience, offering a perfect blend of guests, events, and programs that will leave you breathless with excitement. It's a world of wonder and magic, where fans come together to create something truly beautiful.

AnimeCon.org organizes amazing conventions that are built entirely by fans, and for fans. A dedicated staff of local fans work tirelessly on every convention, with one focus - attendees having fun. We focus on giving you amazing opportunities to make new friends while having a lot of fun. At our cons, we try to connect fans with special guests they may never otherwise meet, while mixing in tons of events, dealers, games, and programs.

AnimeCon.org organizes social gatherings, not marketing expos. People attend AnimeCon.org conventions to have fun and make friends, not to have products marketed to them. Our events give fans a safe space to interact, cosplay, and meet lots of other people who like the same things.

We're always interested in hearing from fans interested in helping build an awesome experience, so we would love to have you join our staff (visit the page on the appropriate con website). We always enjoy hearing from fans, friends, and critics, so contact us anytime. We hope we get to see you soon!

Five Tenets

Our five tenets spell out who we strive to be.
  1. Every organizer is a fan.
    Every one of our senior administrators is a fan, and not just a "part time" fan. Being good at organizing is only one qualification for leading our conventions - you must also really love what you're doing. We're not people who just "like" this stuff. Read the full bios of our management staff to see exactly what they're into.
  2. We run the most welcoming conventions ever.
    We strive to make every experience with staff members, and even other attendees, as pleasant as possible. We work hard to create an environment that is both safe, yet doesn't restrict your fun. We usually allow big, cool props as part of your costumes, and we do our best to watch out for for dangerous, harassing, or silly behavior. We encourage all our attendees to help, by remembering to think before doing or saying something that might be inappropriate.
  3. Our events are always fan events.
    We focus on fans by dedicating tons of our programming time to fan-submitted panels and events, and accepting nearly anyone who applies to be on our volunteer team. We are always encouraging feedback, and doing more to include the local community.
  4. We support other community events and organizations.
    We encourage fandom in all people, and work to support the fan community as much as we can. We offer free table space at our conventions for community groups and nonprofits, free admission for full-time teachers, free ad swaps with other events, and admission grants to community groups supporting homeless and at-risk youth. To date, we have given thousands of dollars in support to the local community. In addition, we support some real charity work.
  5. We try to have the very best events at the lowest price.
    We work hard to put as much of your attendance dollars into the best shows ever. We have built a registration system that handles every detail for registration, without paying 5% to another company. We focus on getting guests who want to interact with fans, rather than just make a profit, and we always try to get as many guests as we can. Our conventions include special events, like our ConSweet to keep you fed and hydrated over the weekend, that other events simply don't do (or don't do well). We want to put on a better show than anyone else for your money.
Musicians on stage.
Cosplayers and furries as friends.

More about the anime con organizers

AnimeCon.org means "anime con organizers" or sometimes "anime con organization". We are a professional group of nerds that started out organizing anime events as a fun way to make friends and connect with our fellow fans. Most of the people who staff the convention have worked on the event for years and have dozens of events worth of experience keeping congoers safe and ensuring a fun and exciting weekend.

AnimeCon.org is an organization dedicated to bringing fun and geek fandom to the world.