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The Forbidden Fandom Dames is AnimeCon.org's very own nerdlesque troupe! We are host to skilled performers who create original choreography ranging from the sexy to the cannabalistic horror all the way to wholesome shipping. We have cute cat maids who like to join in with dancing before they help in between each performance to keep you entertained and the performers sane. And we can't forget our talented Emcee who will torture the maids endlessly, hassle you, and even have a show of their own. All of this and more can be seen at this 18+ variety show!

Ever considered joining the troupe?

Click here to apply to join the troupe!

Do we host any other panels?

Yes! We host panels like Q&A's, playing Cards Against Humanity, dance panels, and more! Just check your convention schedule for anything labeled FFD!

Meet the Performers

Dante Kaiba

Red Outfit Gray Suit

The troupes Emcee, who's always keeping things lively and the members on their toes with their wild jokes and antics!

Jarvis Kaiba

Jarvis By Pool

One of the longest running performers in the troupe, he incorporates special talents like belly dancing that always add an interesting new flair to the performances!

Izzy A Mess

Izzy As BJ

Loves to do comedic routines that make you giggle, cringe, and everything in between!


Nana in white

NaNa has been dancing and choreographing for years. Travelled and danced across the US and all the way to South Korea. She is a gaming, anime, pokemon loving nerd.


Joined as a duet with Luxe in performing and is now branching out on their own to add some sweetness and spice!


Joined as a duet with Ace and is bringing some new flavors to performing!

Sarah Sweetie

Costume designer since 2010, cosplayer since 2013, dancer since 2003. Sarah is a bartender/server/barista by day who has lived every facet of theater imaginable and uses those skills and knowledge for all things anime and nerd.

Meet the Maids


The mother cat of the maids, she is often found frantically running around making sure that everyone has everything they need and get to where they need to be.


The sassy and angsty one, they will put you in your place and have no hesitation in doing so. They are fiery and fierce and on a mission!


He is the youngest and most experienced of the maids but is thrilled to be a part of it! His favorite thing is oranges and loves being citrus friends with Maid Jade. He also loves vocaloid songs, especially Electric Angel!


A super cuddly, almost wolf like, maid! They love to give hugs and especially love squishmallows!
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