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The Annual Training

Stuff you need to remember.

Before The Con Communication
Many staff members do not have any work to do before the convention, as our executives and department heads take care of all the pre-planning. All staff are expected to be available to reply to emails regularly and quickly.
> Answer emails quickly, within 2-4 days if you can.

Scheduling (16 Hours)
All staff must be scheduled during con time for at least four 4-hour blocks, to help make the con run smoothly. You get to select time blocks. We also ask anyone willing to assist with setup Thursday 1pm - 9pm and takedown Sunday night 5pm - 9pm.
> Help setup/teardown Thursday 1pm-9pm, Sunday 5pm-9pm
> 16 hours during open con time.

Setup and Takedown
We ask staff to arrive early Thursday (often 1pm) to help us set up, and we ask you not to leave until at least 9pm on Sunday. This is also the best time to meet staff in other departments and improve our communication.

Staff members know just how much work we're putting into making an awesome convention, and we ask for your help to promote the convention. We ask staff to invite all their friends on Facebook, and to regularly help us promote the convention. Please like posts about the convention on Facebook. Reblog us and post about the convention often, and help us make it bigger every year!

Help us create an environment of free from harassment, bullying, or stalking.

No Harassment Overview
We know that talking about bullying, harassment, or other bad behavior isn't always fun, but we have to work together to create an epic harassment-free environment. Here are some tips from our legal department on harassment.

Staff, volunteers, and others acting on the convention's behalf are entitled to respectful treatment. Being respected means being treated honestly and professionally, with your unique talents and perspectives valued. A respectful con is about more than compliance with the law. It is an environment that is free of inappropriate behavior of all kinds and harassment because of age, disability, marital status, race or color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Harassment Issues (Pre-Con)
If you feel you are being harassed or discriminated against by anyone (such as other staff), report it immediately to Ryan or Erica. We are dedicated to making a fun environment for everyone.

Harassment Issues (At The Con)
If anyone reports harassment to you at the con, no matter the level, you must ask the individual to go to Con Ops immediately. Con Ops has special procedures for dealing with these situations (writing a report, informing the individual that they must call the police to be protected, kicking out dangerous or harassing people, etc). It is important that you tell them they must go to Con Ops, otherwise they may think that they "reported it" and that we will handle it. If they refused, please report everything you were told to Con Ops.

Always remember to treat everyone well.

Remember Good Customer Service Skills
While attendees are often just at our conventions to have a good time with friends and at events, your interactions with them could be the only time they interact with staff all weekend. Always remember basic customer service when dealing with attendees. Saying please can do wonders to get people to cooperate. Often explaining why we are doing something, rather than just telling people what to do, will encourage people to follow the rules better.

Always Be Friendly, Respectful
Staff members exist to make the convention more fun and accessible to attendees, not to boss them around. Please help keep a positive atmosphere all the time, and be friendly and respectful with everyone.

How do I use this convention walkie-talkie?
If your department has been given a walkie-talkie (radio) to use, please remember radio etiquette. All transmissions must start with YOUR DEPARTMENT TO OTHER DEPARTMENT. Hold the button down firmly when talking. Always make sure to say your department first, and then the department you are trying to contact. Often the first words may get cut off in transmission, so this allows the receiving department to hear you. For example, if you say "Con Ops to Registration" they might just hear "to Registration" and will still be able to respond. Absolutely do not swear over the radios.

What is the policy on alcohol, drugs, etc?
It's not a good idea to show up to your convention responsibilities under the influence. When it comes to attendees, our policies are proactive. We do not generally allow excessive drinking in convention space, but this depends on hotel policies as well. If you see someone with open containers of alcohol, or people acting drunk or suspicious, report them to Con Ops. If your department has a radio/walkie-talkie, you can radio con ops, and con ops will look into it.

What is the convention dresscode?
Each staff department has a different dresscode. For some departments, cosplay is okay. For others, like departments responsible for Safety, being visible as staff is more important and they are asked to wear a staff shirt. When it comes to attendees our dress code is generally "If it's legal in public or at the beach, it's legal here." In all our policies, we believe cosplay and conventions are about creativity and freedom, and we don't want to be needlessly restrictive.

What do you get from being on staff?
(You are not an employee.) When we accept you to our staff ranks, we welcome you to a fun group of people who love conventions, anime, and pop culture. We hope to give you a fun experience helping us make the convention better for everyone. Generally we try to feed staff, and as part of your contract remuneration you get a badge to the convention free and a free staff shirt.

What are our policies on other cons?
AnimeCon.org staff members are expected to understand that conventions are a community. We should not share posts or comments that bash other conventions. Engaging in dialogue and discussion about conventions and policies is always okay though. Our staff are allowed, often encouraged, to be part of other conventions, but we do ask you to let us know about all other conventions you work for.

How do I interact with convention guests?
Only guest handlers should be telling any convention guests what to do. If you need something with a guest, talk to the guest's handler only.

What do we do if we need to talk to the hotel/venue?
Staff must NEVER contact the hotel or convention center under any circumstances. All contact must go through the hotel liaison. People who contact the hotel without permission will be removed from staff.

Only division heads will interact with the venue staff, so that we do not create duplicate or conflicting requests. Sometimes convention centers want to charge hundreds of dollars for additional tables or chairs, and so regular staff are NOT to ask the venue for these things; ask your department head instead.

What are the rules if I have a staff hotel room?
You may not invite any person who is not assigned to the room into the room for any period of time, or you will have to find a new room. A friend may NOT visit staff hotel space. They may not come help you change. Absolutely no persons not assigned to the room may enter the room, in order to keep these rooms a safe and secure place. Absolutely no open parties. If there are minors in the room, do not store liquor in the room.

Thank You!

We would like to thank you again for your interest in participating in making some great conventions. Your work and dedication helps us make some of the most fun fan-run events ever. Remember, the most important thing is communication... we're here to help, answer your questions, and make it fun!

Fill out the required annual staff survey.

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