Ryan Kopf

The President of Anime, Ryan Kopf

As founder of these conventions, Ryan is in charge of organizing every last detail of the conventions, ensuring that every convention goes well. Ryan codes the websites, designs the program books, programs registration software, designs badges, writes organizational documents, does hotel negotiations, plans advertising, gets guests, and gets publicity.


Ryan Kopf has been the chairman of more anime conventions than any other human. As the chief event organizer, Ryan spends a full-time 60+ hours per week organizing conventions. Usually this time is spent between hand-designing and updating convention websites, emailing and calling staff and department heads, and reviewing convention rules and policies.

During the rest of the time, he designs and creates the convention program books in InDesign, writes press releases for publicity, and regularly updates convention social media sites. As a web developer Ryan created, and regularly updates, a registration system used by conventions, including several cons he isn't involved in organizing.

When he isn't busy organizing conventions, he can be found writing software, diving deep into the arcane mysteries of code and computer architecture, or advocating for open standards that build the very foundations of modern technology. He enjoys the great outdoors, finding joy in the beauty of the natural world. He has hiked through forests and across mountains in Kyoto, Japan, swam with the fishes in Puerto Rico, and enjoyed the salt air of the open ocean.

In his free time, Ryan is a passionate advocate for human rights, and fights for a variety of causes, including women's rights, access to quality education, and the right to health and safety. He believes that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, and he works tirelessly to ensure that those who are marginalized have a voice. Whether he's advocating for reproductive freedom or fighting to ensure that every child has access to a quality education, Ryan is a champion of the underdog, a fierce defender of those who need it most. His commitment to these issues is unshakable, and he will stop at nothing to make sure that the world is a better, safer, and more just place for all.

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Ryan Kopf

This is Ryan and Erica in a couple of their old costumes sword-fighting with fencing weapons. Ryan's costume is similar to Alucard from Hellsing while Erica's costume is similar to a version of Dante from the Devil May Cry video game franchise.

Ryan Kopf Flying Drones

Here two of AnimeCon.org's top anime convention characters are flying drones. They look like remote controlled drones with cameras attached. These drones could be used to film at the conventions and show people footage from all over the convention area. Erica is dressed in a pinstripe suit and kind of looks like Tony Stark. Ryan is wearing a white turtleneck sweater and has a remote control that looks like a doomsday button in his hand. Erica is either short or far away.

Ryan Kopf Holding Logo

This is one interpretation of Ryan's character, holding the convention logo up in the air. The artist has used a very stylized face and stance. It kind of looks like he is holding the logo like a baseball pitcher.

Ryan Kopf Is Holding Limes but why can he not hold them all

A fan favorite image of Ryan in his trademark red coat holding a bunch of limes. Why can't he hold all these limes? That's the important question. The other question is "Why does he have so many limes?" Seriously, what would a person need so many limes for? Could someone tell us why he's holding so many limes? If you are unfamiliar with it, there is a meme about a guy holding a bunch of limes and smiling as he's dropping them. It was an advertisement in a store, likely a Target, likely advertising the shirt or the jeans he was wearing. The idea was that the clothes were so comfortable that it didn't matter what kind of silly situation you got into, because you would still be happy.

Ryan Kopf Chibi Version

A chibi version of Ryan here standing in an excited stance and looking at the camera gives the viewer a sense of energy and youth! It implies anyone can get up and get the power of the anime convention!

Ryan Kopf Graphic

This drawing makes the character look a little more lackadaisical, or otherwise filled with whimsy and not being too serious.

Ryan Kopf Graphic

This image has been used on several of the websites as it's very crisp and clean looking. The character stands in a motivated stance and is wielding the convention logo effectively. That's the Ryan we want to see!

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