Ryan Kopf

The President of Anime, Ryan Kopf

As founder of these conventions, Ryan is in charge of organizing every last detail of the conventions, an ensuring that every convention goes well. Ryan codes the websites, designs the program books, programs registration software, designs badges, writes organizational documents, does hotel negotiations, plans advertising, gets guests, and gets publicity.


Ryan Kopf has been the chairman of more anime conventions than any other human. As the chief event organizer, Ryan spends a full-time 60+ hours per week organizing conventions. Usually this time is spent between hand-designing and updating convention websites, emailing and calling staff and department heads, and reviewing convention rules and policies.

During the rest of the time, he designs and creates the convention program books in InDesign, writes press releases for publicity, and regularly updates convention social media sites. As a web developer Ryan created, and regularly updates, a registration system used by conventions, including several cons he isn't involved in organizing.

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