Lots of new guests at all cons

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We have a heck of a lot of new guests at all the conventions! Check out each convention's website for an updated list! Here are some of the latest announcements:

AniMinneapolis - May 23-25
Steam Powered Giraffe
DC Douglas
Caitlin Glass
Full list: http://animinneapolis.com/guests

Anime Midwest - July 4-6
Greg Ayres
Caitlin Glass
Trevor Mueller
Full list: http://animemidwest.com/guests

Anime-zing! - July 11-13
Caitlin Glass
Greg Ayres
Eric Stuart
DC Douglas
Aegis Swordsmanship
Full list: http://qcanimezing.com/guests

We look forward to seeing you all at all these awesome upcoming conventions. I'm really excited about the guest list for each, as all of these people are wonderful and fun folks to be around. Look for them doing at least one panel a day on average at all the conventions, plus autographs, etc.

Remember to register early and book your room before they run out.

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