Our response to COVID-19

Unvaccinated individuals are strongly encouraged to wear a mask at our events.

Do not attend the convention if you are feeling unwell or have recently been in contact with someone with COVID-19.

Health & Safety is our top priority.

Temperature checks for staff
Attendance to some events limited
Masks highly encouraged of everyone
Sanitizer provided in event rooms

As we get back to conventions and events, we are excited to welcome you all back to some of the greatest and most fun anime conventions in the world! Masks are highly encouraged at our events.

Vaccination Requirements

As current government guidelines evolve, we keep our policies synchronized with those guidelines and expectations. At the current time none of the local governments are mandating vaccination for events, and so we are not enforcing vaccination checks at this time.

Our staff are required to either be vaccinated or wear a mask, though some may wear masks even if vaccinated. Only the minimum of receiving your first vaccine dose will be required of staff members.

Why are we recommending vaccinations?
Our understanding is the COVID vaccine does not entirely prevent individuals from getting COVID, but instead can significantly shorten the contagious period and also reduces symptoms. Unvaccinated individuals could spread the disease for far times longer than vaccinated individuals.

Masks Strongly Encouraged

Masks are highly encouraged of all persons attending our conventions, and they must fully cover the nose and mouth.

Please note that face-shields are not considered an effective protective device by many health organizations.

Masks are encouraged in all public areas because they are meant to protect others. Remember: by participating in close-contact events like our dances, participation is at your own risk and we require you to be vaccinated to participate.

You must understand that by attending our events you are accepting the risks associated with attending, which may include injury to yourself or others.

Costumes with Masks and Heads

If your costume has a mask or helmet or fursuit head, then that counts as your mask.

What happens if an event is cancelled?

Currently it seems very highly unlikely that any of our upcoming events will be cancelled. In the event that any future events are cancelled or postponed due to government restrictions, those passes will be automatically rolled over to the next events.

The same rollover policy applies to vendors and artists; any vendor or artist with a rolled-over space is automatically rolled over. In the event any upcoming event is cancelled then all vendor and artist booths will automatically be forwarded to next year’s convention.

Health and Safety Procedures

The health and safety of our attendees continues to be of our utmost priority, and we thank you for your continued support. We care deeply about our fellow members of the anime community. As we re-open our conventions, we do so following statewide and nationwide advice, which includes social distancing procedures and the encouragement of masks.

We strongly encourage masks at all events we currently hold, and we may at our discretion provide separated seating so that groups may seat together and six feet away from other groups in our event spaces. Governments and scientific studies agree that masks are an effective way to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Sanitizing and Safety

All our venues in cooperation with our convention staff are undergoing enhanced sanitation procedures in all areas, including frequent cleaning of high-touch surfaces, enforced and marked social distancing, and limited attendance.

Limited ConSweet

At this time, our ConSweet options are limited, and we may have less soda, snacks, and food options than we normally do. The ConSweet has many high-touch points, and so we are working to reduce areas where people may frequently touch the same thing (such as the hot water spout for ramen). Therefore options will be limited at this time.


Our dance events may be restricted in attendance or smaller in size this year as things start to re-open.

Refunds and account credits.

Please go to our refunds page which has an explanation of the do-it-yourself method for getting account credits or refunds for passes.

Thank you.

See you again soon.

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