Refund Policy

Most conventions do not allow refunds for convention tickets. Our policy is more generous and lets you refund your registration for an account credit that does not expire, without any fees at all.

Currently, there are two ways to cancel a registration. To cancel a group, simply go to the registrations page for the convention, click the icon next to a group. Choose the cancel option, and you will have the option to get a full account credit for the amount you paid, which can be used for any future convention.

Cancel location

Other refunds.
Most conventions (not ours) have a "no refunds, no transfers" policy on all registrations. Our policy is much more generous.

As last minute changes come up in your plans to attend, we have created this refund policy with as much flexibility as we can.

We allow refunds back to your payment method if the tickets were purchased less than 50 days ago unless the convention is going to happen within the next 15 days. There is a small fee for refunds, usually $5.

After this time, we are simply unable to accommodate refunds. Badges may not be transferred to other individuals under any circumstances. Badges may not be forwarded to future conventions.

This policy applies only to general weekend passes. Other types of badges (such as exhibitor or artist badges) may be subject to different policies. We have determined we have the technological and financial ability to process refunds in this more generous timeframe than in our previous policy without it affecting our con planning.

Cancelled badges for credits.

When badges are cancelled for credit, that credit does not have cash value and can't be refunded to cash.

How to get a refund if eligible.

You must login to the convention website where you originally registered, the same place that you purchased tickets. You will see a list of all the people you have registered. Click the options Icon next to the name, and click "Refund" that appears under their name.

No Transfers

We have a no-transfers policy on all registrations. This prevents scalpers from being able to buy tickets at discounted prices and reselling them. While we understand this wouldn't apply to many people, we can not be flexible with this policy.

Why this policy?

Early registration enables us to organize the convention in advance - using pre-registration money, we can buy supplies in bulk in advance at a discount. We've found that we have few enough refund requests that we are able to offer refunds for a little while after registering, but outside of those timeframes it becomes very difficult and time consuming for our staff - we would rather our staff focus on running the event programming.

Premium tickets, if offered, are refundable up to 10 days before the event. Because they are more expensive, we are able to set aside a portion of this for potential refunds on premium/platinum tickets. is an organization dedicated to bringing fun and geek fandom to the world.