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Anime-ZAP! logo


January in Peoria, IL
Anime-ZAP! first happened with just three days of planning - it was literally the first 'instant' anime con. Now it's grown to be the largest winter anime event in Illinois. Anime-ZAP! is one of the cheapest anime conventions to attend, admissions is always very cheap. Anime-ZAP! doesn't focus on guests often, instead focusing on fun events.
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QC Anime-zing!

July in Davenport, IA
Anime-zing! is the first anime convention brought to the Quad Cities region, and its focus on building a fun local community is unmatched. It's super cheap and has awesome guests. Anime-zing! is designed from the ground up to be a fun community event that is friendly to people of all ages.
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May 8-10, 2015 in Minneapolis, MN
AniMinneapolis is an annual anime convention happening in Minneapolis, which brought together over 1200 fans in the first year and has since grown into one of the best conventions ever with thousands attending every year. AniMinneapolis combines a unique mix of nerdy fandom and awesome anime to make one of the best conventions possible, giving Minneapolis anime fans something epic to do every summer.
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Anime Midwest

July 3-5, 2015 in Rosemont, IL
Anime Midwest is famous for having the most amazing guests to ever come to the same con, and this year it moves closer to the heart of Chicago. Past guests have ranged from GLaDOS to the LeetStreet Boys. Anime Midwest focuses on bringing unique, new events to Chicago with some friendly staff. Attendees come to Anime Midwest to make a ton of friends and meet some of the coolest famous people in the world.
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Meta Con

Sep 2 - 4 in Minneapolis, MN
Meta Con is a general geek and nerd-life convention happening in Minneapolis in 2013. It is, essentially, the Minneapolis Comic Con. Meta Con focuses on guests from TV, Sci-Fi, and Anime, in addition to a massive exhibit hall. Every year Meta Con brings awesome TV stars together with a wonderful community of fans and geeks.

About The Conventions

Even though every convention we host is very unique, we are very proud that every convention we organize is held to a high standard. Every last convention includes friendly, dedicated staff, a rave dance with lasers, lights, and lots of bass, a formal ball with professional instructors, and dozens of high-energy, interactive panels and presentations.

We treat every convention like it's supposed to be the best weekend of your entire year, so we never skip the details. Every convention is still unique, with it's own flavor and style. Anime-ZAP!, for example, is a smaller event (1000 people and three days long) that focuses on making new friends, while AniMinneapolis mixes in Nerdcore rap music with awesome voice actors. Every con in special, and every con is the best con it can be. Every year the conventions add new events, guests, and experiences, so you're encouraged to attend as many as you can! is an organization dedicated to bringing fun and geek fandom to the world.